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Tintin Friending Meme 
01:59pm 09/12/2011

Because this fandom needs more love!

1. Fill out the form.
2. Read other peoples' forms.
3. Meet fellow Tintin fanatics and make pals!
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Tintin Icons 
10:35pm 08/12/2011
  Hey all,

I posted these to the community about 5 years ago, thought it would be okay to repost to see if anyone is interested in them.


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Also, less that two weeks until Tintin hits non-Quebec North America! My friends and I are planning a costume group for the premiere - did anyone else do/or are planning to do something similar?
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I made some icons. C:  
12:29am 05/11/2011
  Hello all :3 The Tintin movie put me in the mood for a cherished childhood fandom so I made some icons; I hope you like them!

- Mostly from Flight 747, with some from Crab With the Golden Claws.
- Textures from acupofgraphics, trapne and vividtruth.
- Please credit thundertyphoons. A comment would be nice! :)
- Blank icons can be used as bases.


| |

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09:18pm 01/11/2011
is now open for prompts!

A great fest to celebrate small fandoms and make them grow!
Kissing Meme anybody? 
03:20am 28/10/2011
  Today no icons, but a kissing meme filled by yours truly <3

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33 Tintin icons :D 
09:19pm 25/10/2011
  4x Tintin
10x Haddock
2x Calculus
2x Rastapopoulos
8x Tintin & Haddock
1x Tintin & Snowy
1x Tintin & Rastapopoulos
1x Haddock & Allan
4x speech bubbles


( over here at my journal )

Fanart: Men of Marlinspike/Moulinsart 
09:17pm 22/10/2011
  Title: Men of Marlinspike (or Moulinsart, if you prefer ;D )
Rating: G
Characters: Tintin, Captain Haddock, Calculus, Nestor


Fanart here: http://geekboylover.livejournal.com/12743.html
...And the first review is out! 
12:02am 14/10/2011
  Steven Spielberg's Tintin gets seal of approval!

Excerpts from the article:

Thundering typhoons! Steven Spielberg has won the seal of approval of Tintin's native land — and that's no mean feat.

"Bull's eye," headlined the Dutch-speaking De Standaard newspaper. "A pure jewel" the Francophone Le Soir had on its front page, showing that the ever-bickering linguistic groups in this culturally divided nation had found a rare issue on which they could agree.


Instead of launching in the United States, it takes on the world first, counting on releases in Europe, Asia and the Middle East to create enough of a buzz among American fans for whom the magic word Tintin is often still an unknown quantity.

In France, Le Figaro Magazine has already called it "the most anticipated movie of 2011."
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Tintin fanart! 
04:20pm 13/10/2011
  Rating: G
Characters: Tintin, Capt Haddock, Calculus, Thomson and Thompson
Artist's Notes: Sorry for the shoddy quality, it's just a sketch! Might make more soon. ;)



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Tintin 2012 Calendar 
12:08am 07/10/2011
  Universe Publishing has released a gorgeous Tintin calendar for the upcoming year! Mine just arrived today and I took a few photos to share if anyone else was interested in seeing it. Please pardon the obviously amateur photography!

Click the photos for a larger view.

The front

Back view

Close up on the month pictures. All of them are so cute!!

I got my copy over at Amazon for about $12. I'm about it put in on my wall right now - it's that pretty! *_*

ALSO, WHO ELSE IS EXCITED FOR MOVIE MERCH?!?!?! I'm excited that finally, Tintin stuff will be available in America!!! I'll bet $5 that Happy Meals are going to be involved.... Heheh!
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New international trailer! 
12:46am 06/10/2011
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Me spazzing over Tintin and Haddock, Part 1: The Crabs with the Golden Claws 
07:33pm 04/09/2011
  After being able to get my hands on some English scans of most of the Tintin comics (don't worry, I own most of them irl, but they're all in German 8D), I decided to write some summarizing LJ entries, one for each comic.

But I'm not going to summarize the plot, because most Tintin-fans already know what's going on, so what's the point. Instead, my summaries are going to be about the characterization of our favourite intrepid reporter Tintin, his loyal friend Haddock, and especially the development of their relationship, which is why I'm starting with "the Crab with the Golden Claws", since this is the comic of Captain Haddock's first appearance.

(Warning: My comments are hinting at slash every now and then. Everyone who feels offended by this should either not pay attention to me being an insufferable shlasher or ignore these entries in general ;D
Also I want to add that I don't claim this to be academically correct or complete in any way or form, it's just me having fun with some panels from the comic.)

( Follow the fake-cut to my journal <3 )
2nd Movie Trailer! 
11:32am 11/07/2011

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Two fanfics (Tintin/Haddock, very slashy) 
12:02am 19/05/2011
  Hello! *waves* I come offering two Tintin/Haddock fics -- both of them slash, obviously. Please don't read if you don't approve of the idea.

(ETA: Modly powers that be, feel free to delete if fanfic isn't allowed here.)

Title: Abstinence
Summary: Captain Haddock has to get used to a life without alcohol. Set after the ending of Tintin and the Picaros.
Word count: 1394
Rating: PG (13)

After they'd all been welcomed into the hall by Nestor (who looked relieved not only to see the three of them back in good shape, but also unaccompanied by spoiled brats, demanding divas or incompetent police officers), Professor Calculus declared the trip a success.

Title: Safe
Summary: If there was one thing Tintin did not expect to come out of the evening, it was this.
Word count: 1234
Rating: NC-17

Marlinspike is the safest place on Earth, and right now, as they kiss their way through the door and towards the large, old-fashioned bed, Tintin would not be anywhere else for the world.

Disclaimer: These characters were created by Hergé, and I intend no disrespect whatsoever.
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The Adventures of Tintin - The Secret of the Unicorn  
07:50pm 17/05/2011

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03:29pm 29/12/2010
6 Gotta Go Fast (Sonic the Hedgehog Fanart)
15 Tin Tin
21 Yu-Gi-Oh GX


here @ mycobacterial
03:06pm 24/11/2010

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06:13am 25/04/2010
  So I know this group is kind of dead, but I just wanted to share my Tintin-inspired tattoo. I thought you guys might enjoy it. It's my first tattoo and I got it about six months ago.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Anyway it probably needs a touch-up, but I still love it.
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Travels of a Boy Reporter 
03:22pm 27/05/2009

Travels of a Boy Reporter

Disclaimer: I'm the artist and owner of the web site
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Tintin comics ( for computer readers) 
06:53am 30/03/2009
mood: calm
Please buy the books from legal stores.
I show it to you just to be aware what books are very enjoyable for you.

If you want to take a look at tintin albums, just go to the ff. websites to be able to know the chronological order of the books.